Modular homes and modular home designs - made in Australia

Imagine Kit Homes

Imagine Kit Homes is a group of construction professionals who have joined together with a new range of homes which focus on being able to withstand whatever nature can throw at them. With houses that have been beefed up structurally you would expect that the finished price would exceed that of a standard project built house. Not so with Imagine Kit Homes! The key to the money saving aspects of building with them is that by owner building considerable savings can be made simply by eliminating the builders margin. Sleek modern designs and styling make these homes a must in your consideration list.

Modern Modular home design by Imagine Kit Homes
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Anchor Homes

For more than 25 years, Anchor Homes have been providing high-quality, cutting-edge, sustainable and innovative building solutions to Australian families. Anchor Homes transportable homes building system is fast, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Anchor Homes transportable homes are built in their 12,000 square metre manufacturing facility in Stratford Victoria and then transported to your site anywhere in Victoria or NSW. Their advanced building method allows for reduced wastage and stringent supervision, assuring your new modular home passes all quality standards and exceeds your expectations.

At Anchor Homes, their unique prefabricated building solutions are suitable for a wide variety of housing projects nd their technology allows buildings to be delivered in up to half the time of traditional building methods achieving significant cost savings and a higher quality build finish.

Anchor Homes transportable homes are built using building modules. Their standard design range includes homes ranging from one to four modules. However, they are not limited to this. Many of their clients choose to design their own home or customise one of our designs. This often means many Anchor Homes are upwards of four modules. Modules are built on an engineered sub floor system with timber wall and roof construction. The modules are constructed with significant additional structural components designed to give each module more strength to counter the additional stresses imposed on the modules during transport. This in turn means that once on site, the bracing qualities of our homes are far superior to that of traditional construction.

Stylish Modern Modular home design by Anchor Homes
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Great Living Homes

Great Living Homes new innovative building technology allows faster and less expensive completion times for two storey homes than ever before possible.

Why? - Great Living Homes build the upper floor on the ground, jack it up and build under it. This means no scaffold, cranes and hoists, saving you the cost and time of using these materials. It also means no working at heights making it a safer and much more accessible work site.

How long does it take? - No one can tell you exactly but what they can tell you for sure is it is faster to build this way than the conventional ground floor first.

Yes this means this modular home builder can build with a concrete slab and lift up the upper floor, which other systems such as factory built PODs don't do!

Contemporary Modular home design by Great Living Homes
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TR Homes

Founded in Western Australia over 25 years ago, TR Homes has established substantial and unrivalled capability to deliver residential and commercial buildings to some of the most inaccessible and remote locations in Australia.

TR Homes offer a range of 1-5 bedroom modular homes and Independent Living Units (formerly known as Granny Flats) pre-fabricated in our purpose built manufacturing facility and transported to site.

Once known as transportable homes, the homes are architecturally designed, contemporary and beautiful to look at. All of the homes have what a house needs to feel like a home: style, practicality, liveability and quality.

When the Murray River North Group (MRN Group) acquired TR Homes in 2014, they expanded into the Northern Territory.

The MRN Group specialises in remote area construction through two companies: TR Homes (residential) and MRN Construction (commercial and government).

Coastal Modular home design by TR Homes
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Todd Devine Homes

Operating since 2002, Todd Devine Homes is a leader in the design and construction of high quality transportable homes, granny flats (dependent person units), relocatable park homes, tourist accommodation and lifestyle villages, providing unique living solutions for families and individuals throughout Victoria.

With over 30 years' experience in the industry and as a member of the Housing Industry Association Ltd (HIA) of over 20 years, company Director Todd Devine brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive expertise to the process of home building, so when building with Todd Devine Homes you can rest assured you are in reliable hands.

Whether you're after a weekend getaway right through to a luxury family home, Todd Devine's approach gives you complete flexibility. Personalisation is at the heart of what they do and you'll have the opportunity to add your personal touches along the way. What's more, it's all surprisingly affordable, without the usual headaches and unexpected costs or delays.

The Daintree home design by Todd Devine Homes
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Premier Homes and Granny Flats

Premier Granny Flats are designed to help solve n endless problem that so many other Australians have, How can you help your Mum (or Dad) now that the house has become too large to manage?

Whether its a small Country Cottage, Beach House or your Family Dream Home you are sure to find something appealing in the Premier Range.

Traditional home design by Premier Homes and Granny Flats
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