2022 Home Design Trends - A Look Ahead

  • Article by: Sally Wood

It’s been a mammoth past few years for home design as the world threw a curve ball at the way Australian’s interact with their homes. A look ahead at the 2022 design landscape reveals a new era of trends on the horizon for homeowners to take advantage of in the new year.

Of course, covid’s influence on evolving trends does not go unnoticed as home builders lean into space, natural connection and functionality more than ever before.

Let’s take a look at the top home design trends for 2022.

Working from Home - Bentley Homes
Source: Bentley Homes

Demand For Space

The key home design trend that will define 2022 is the demand for larger homes with multi-functional spaces. After the past two years Australian’s have faced at the mercy of lockdown, it should come as no surprise that space is in higher demand than ever before.

Work from home (WFH) is expected to remain a trend for many in the corporate sector. Earlier this year the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that 47% of Australians expected their WFH arrangement to remain the same.

Leading designers suggest that the demand for transformable spaces will surge in 2022. Prepare for versatile living areas which can double as a home office, or study zone in an instant.

Natural Connection

Natural colours and materials are anticipated to have their moment in the year ahead with experts predicting a rise in the focus on sustainable interior design. The revolt against fast fashion has extended into the home, with many homeowners now leaning into longevity and natural connection.

Bringing elements of the natural world into the home is set to become a defining trend of 2022. Expect to see synthetic finishes replaced by natural timber, and kitchen and bathroom spaces embracing raw timber, stone and concrete. Experts suggest it may be a means of re-connecting to the world following a lengthy stint of covid lockdowns.


The awareness around sustainability is gradually gaining traction in Australia, particularly in home design. In 2022 this will permeate beyond interior design, into the build of the structure itself. A focus on energy efficiency, and sustainable material selection are set to become key considerations for builders into the future.

It’s a shift that has been spurred on by the arrival of new eco-conscious schemes during 2021. Earlier this year the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) released its Green Star Home Standard certification system. The system is aimed at increasing the education around the benefits of building healthier, more comfortable and sustainable homes.

Facade with curved feature -Boutique Homes
Source: Boutique Homes, Arc Facade

Introducing Curves

In 2021 curved furniture thrust itself into the interior design limelight. In 2022, we expect to see this arc obsession continue into the architectural realm.

Soft lines breakup the monotony of sharp, straight angles and injects the space with a calming, cocooning sense that a living area craves.

Inside the home, curves will take the shape of arched openings, barrel-vault ceilings, and even statement curved walls. Out in the exterior, rounded stone finishes, curved walkways, arched windows and doorways and alfresco ceilings will showcase the signature 2022 arc.

Published: 10/12/2021
Author: Sally Wood