2021 Home Design Trends

  • Article by: Sally Wood

If the importance of interior design was not already felt, a year confined to our homes has cemented it. Having a home that feels like a place to escape to, and not to escape from, has been essential in 2020.

Here are some emerging 2021 home design trends to inspire us as we move into the new year.

 Example of Grandmillenial style, shabby chic done right by Liberty Interiors
Source: Liberty Interiors


The grandmillenial style is a modern take on the kind of interior décor you might expect to find at your grandparents’ home. Think ‘shabby chic’. There is something soothing about leaning on tradition, especially in times of uncertainty. Perhaps this helps explain the rise in popularity of the style over the past year.

Furniture aging with character, faded fabrics and general imperfections provide an affordable, sustainable and trendy way to design your home in 2021.

Incorporating the Pantone colour of the year
Source: Modern Interior, Vogue

The Colour of the Year

 ‘Ultimate Grey’ has been declared the colour of the year for 2021 by Pantone. Grey is the perfect shade for blending ever-prevalent technology into the modern home.

Pantone, the authority on all things colour, has also declared yellow in the shade ‘Illuminating’, as the co-champion of colours in 2021. It is the first time since 2009 that yellow has featured as colour of the year. If grey is the resilient and durable mindset that got us through 2020, yellow represents the sunny optimism we’ll take with us into the new year.


bed with houseplants
Source: Craig Miller-Randle


As anyone that spends too much time on Instagram will know, houseplants are back in style. From hanging creepers to tall and leafy monsteras, when it comes to choosing which houseplants to adopt in 2021, the greener the better.

After a year where we couldn’t spend much time outside, we began to bring the outside in. The houseplant trend has accelerated into booming popularity, ready to cement itself in 2021.


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Published: 07/10/2021
Author: Sally Wood