Victoria Welcomes New Energy Efficiency Schemes for Homes

  • Article by: Sally Wood

Victoria is poised for a revolution in energy efficient and sustainable homes following the announcement of new eco-conscious schemes.

The two new schemes are set to elevate the recognition of builders delivering exceptional energy efficient and sustainable home builds and renovations.

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Green Star Home Certification

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has released its Green Star Home Standard certification system. It is hoped the system will increase the education around the benefits of building healthier, more comfortable and sustainable homes.

The Green Star Home Standard, released on 31st August 2021, is the only independent sustainable homes certification available in Australia, and a world first mass-market residential climate-positive certification.

The certification is centred on the delivery of homes that are:

  • energy efficient and powered by renewables
  • draught sealed
  • fully electric
  • well ventilated
  • minimising of pollutant entry
  • thermally comfortable
  • resilient to withstanding natural disasters and future climate change conditions
  • reductive of water use and its impact on the community

The flow on effect is pitched to be a new generation of energy efficient homes that slash energy bills by as much as 75% per year.

Builders can apply for two consecutive certification levels. The first is Green Star Designed which can be used for marketing purposes, follow by Green Star Certified which is assessed upon construction completion.

The scheme has already secured the partnership of several high profile development and home builder companies such as Stockland, Mirvac, Metricon, Rawson Homes, Ingenia, Chatham Homes, Landcom and Development Victoria confirmed as partners in the Green Star Homes standard and committed to building a range of Green Star Homes.

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Victorian Home Energy Scorecard

Simultaneously, Victoria has welcomed the Victorian Home Energy Scorecard as a tool to measure, compare and improve the energy efficiency of existing houses.

The innovation is equivalent to the NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) which is used on new houses.  

The Victorian Home Energy Scorecard provides homeowners with an energy star rating between one and ten. The higher the star count, the less energy the home requires to run, compared to a home with a lesser star count.

A scorecard assessment provides:

  • Suggested upgrades to reduce energy costs
  • A hot weather rating and upgrade options to protect comfort and health during summer
  • Additional suggestions on energy efficient practices to reduce energy costs throughout the home

In essence – homeowners can now view how their home stacks up against comparable homes and pinpoint areas of improvement to save money on power bills.

It is hoped that this scale will inform an effective renovation model for homeowners looking to improve the comfort, healthiness and energy efficiency of their home.

Bank Australia’s Clean Energy Home Loan has rallied behind the new scheme, welcoming the scorecard as a marker to determine eligibility for discounted home finance.

For home builders, the scheme provides a clear indication of how effective a renovation has been at improving a home’s energy efficiency.

Given the average home’s current rating is three stars, builders face a wealth of opportunity to leverage informed home renovations to increase the energy efficiency of homes.

Published: 03/09/2021
Author: Sally Wood