What's the largest house plan that will fit on my block?

  • Article by: Samara Amadi @ homeshelf

I get asked this question a lot, well more often it’s more to do with figuring out the maximum house plan size.

Here's a list of the maximum home sizes (single & double storey house plans) that will fit on standard land estate block sizes.

The home sizes take into account the standard setbacks on most estate blocks. Sizes may vary a little, but it's a good guide.

House Plans - 10.5m Frontage 

10.5 frontage house plan sizes

House Plans - 12m Frontage 

12.5 frontage house plan sizes

House Plans - 14m Frontage 

14m frontage house plan sizes

House Plans - 16m Frontage 

16m frontage house plan sizes

These are the maximum home sizes, you may prefer to opt for a smaller house plan and a bigger backyard.

House Plan help

If you need help with finding the best-suited floorplan we can help by providing a shortlist of builders in your area that have plans to suit your land size and requirements, contact us here.

We can help with new builds in land estates as well as established areas, knockdown rebuilds, irregular and sloping blocks, and developments too.
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Published: 14/05/2021
Author: Samara Amadi
Company: homeshelf