French Provincial Home Designs

  • Article by: Sally Wood

Looking to build a new home with a timeless French provincial design?

It’s one of the most popular interior design styles across the world, so what makes French provincial styling so endearing? We take a look at the features that define French provincial design and how to determine if it’s the right design choice for your new home.

Bertsan Homes French Provincial Home design
Source: Bertsan Homes 

What is French Provincial Design?

French provincial design has been around for a while – we’re talking as far back as 17th century France. It became a look synonymous with the French countryside. You’d most likely recognise their styling in a rectangular two story house, skirted by wrought iron balconies, with angled rooves and long rectangular windows.

Some of its features have evolved over the centuries, but there are a few traits that remain central to French Provincial design. These include:

  • A Mansard style roof
  • Parquetry flooring (geometric timber pattern)
  • Symmetrical shape
  • Rendered, brick or stone façades
  • Decorative wrought iron
  • Timber window frames
  • Statement kitchen island
  • Natural Stone
  • Rustic wood and warm, natural tones with gold accents

Varaich Homes French Provincial Home design
Source: Varaich Homes

Are French Provincial Designs Outdated?

Despite having been around for over 400 years, French provincial remains one of the most popular home styles. It’s blend of rustic charm and elegance has made it an enduring style in both architecture and interior design.

But does its classical look have a place in modern home design?

Absolutely, it does.

French provincial styling has taken on a modern influence with ease. Its versatile design scope has welcomed the addition of contemporary floorplans and technology. Modern French provincial homes take the best features of the charming Provincial style and meld them with fresh, contemporary touches.

The result is a clean polished product that retains the effortless comfort and luxury of its French countryside heritage.

It’s important to recognise that there are no hard and fast rules for a French provincial home. You have the freedom to incorporate as much or as little of its quintessential flare as you like.

You may lean into warmth and elegance with intricate detailing on cabinetry and cornices. On the other hand, it could be as simple as a neutral colour palette with antique inspired furnishings. With a breadth of quality builders on the market, there is bound to be a builder that offers a French provincial design right for you.

What to Consider When Building French Provincial

The key to French provincial’s elegant feel is the level of detail that is poured into every feature. From ornate fixtures to texture-rich design, it’s important to find a builder capable of delivering a product that’s up to scratch. Look for a builder

French provincial design follows a very neutral colour scheme. The benefit is that it captures the light, breezy feel of a spacious home. However, if you have bold, vibrant furnishings that you’re eager to carry into your new home, you might struggle to achieve a cohesive feel.

The grandiosity of French provincial design can attract quite a price tag, depending on the size, intricacy and location of your build. It’s worth exploring your options with a few different builders to find the ideal plan to bring your dream home to life.

Published: 11/11/2021
Author: Sally Wood