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Richard Ellis Design offers an extensive range of marble and limestone fireplace designs to suit a variety of decorative styles. Whether your property is styled in Renaissance, Georgian, Regency, William VI, Victorian, Edwardian, Retro or Contemporary design, you’ll find the perfect fireplace design here to suit your décor.

At Richard Ellis Design, you are able to choose your preferred style, stone, materials and finish to suit your taste, as well as specific dimensions to suit your requirements. In addition to a number of original Contemporary designs, we offer a diverse range English, French and Italian styles, reflective of the influence these countries had on fireplace design around the world.

The fireplace is an integral part of your home, a place to gather around when the mercury dips to seek warmth and companionship. An essential in colder climates, if you’ve been thinking about investing in a fireplace in Melbourne, look no further. It is important that the design of this haven is not overlooked, as not only can your fireplace provide a practical purpose, it can also be the definitive element that defines your interior décor.

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home design by Richard Ellis Design