Land Estate Plumpton VIC

  • 235 Beattys Road, Plumpton VIC 3335
  • 34.0Kms from city


Westwood presents an opportunity for residents to thrive and prosper, much like the generations of families who have thrived on this land before them. This community will represent an intimate, residential village designed around ‘The Walk’, a central landscaped green spine running through the heart of the development, connecting everyone and everything with the broader and immediate area.

The guiding principles behind Westwood are focused upon heritage, community and sustainability, which are further brought to life through diversity in homesites and beautiful indigenous landscapes throughout.




Westwood’s environmentally conscious design enables a healthy and active lifestyle for all residents, with key green features including:
• a central landscaped green spine spanning 1.2km
• 1.49ha of wetland ecosystem
• 5.73ha of open space and parkland to explore
• walking and cycling paths throughout



A better community has connectivity as its core. That’s how Westwood brings people closer together. Residents will enjoy access to modern, linking infrastructure such as:
• landscaped green links which run centrally throughout the community
• onsite Community Centre offering childcare, maternal health and community services
• close proximity to nearby retail, transportation hubs and infrastructure




Personal growth for everyone is integral to the development of the Westwood community. An abundance of educational opportunities to all ages will be accessible now and in the future, including:
• neighbouring P-12 school
• adult learning services provided through the onsite Community Centre
• local primary school, plus additional learning, primary and grammar schools within the area

Map of 235 Beattys Road Plumpton VIC 3335

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