Land Estate Lilydale VIC

  • 4 Melba Avenue, Lilydale VIC 3140

Welcome to Kinley: one of the most spectacular development opportunities ever seen in Melbourne. In the years to come, our team will guide the development of this magnificent location into a lively, attractive and well-serviced neighbourhood. A healthy, sustainable place; where the kids have room to run around, you have easy access to all the services you need, and where the streets feel friendly and safe.

Kinley also benefits from a rich history – a heritage we plan to respect, preserve and celebrate. And the extraordinary levels of existing services, amenity and infrastructure in the area mean everything will be within easy reach from day one, even before all the elements of our own plan are implemented.

Kinley truly completes Melbourne’s east. As the last major parcel of land this side of the CBD, we have an enormous responsibility to deliver a high-quality, authentic place – one that combines the essence of the area’s long-established character and amenity, and looks toward the future in its housing and urban design.


  • Welcoming neighbourhoods
  • Diverse homes
  • Proposed train station* *Subject to government approval
  • Village centre
  • Reimagined heritage
  • 8 parks and 2 wetlands
Map of 4 Melba Avenue Lilydale VIC 3140

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