Greater Ascot

Land Estate Shaw QLD

  • Greater Ascot Avenue, Shaw QLD 4818
  • 15.0Kms from city
  • QLD - Townsville

The Parkside Group is a large Queensland based multifacted and diverse company. Privately owned, Parkside is now a leading player in saw milling, timber manufacturing, land and property development, home construction and retirement industries.

With operations from Cairns to Sydney, and a client base across Australia and Asia, Parkside employ hundreds of Australians.

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Parkside Development has an outstanding record of more than 60 years of excellence, performance and innovation. With its first residential development in 1947, the company has diversified substantially along the east coast of Queensland from Cairns to Brisbane.

More than 6000 families have chosen a Parkside community for their home or investment. At Parkside Development, we take pride in maintaining our reputation for high standards, innovation and excellence. We are determined to use our 60 years’ experience and industry leadership as a benchmark for future growth and to develop communities such as Greater Ascot, which we can be proud of.

Map of Greater Ascot Avenue Shaw QLD 4818

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