Land Estate Cosgrove QLD

  • Cnr Woolcock Street (Bruce Highway) and Cosgrove Drive, Cosgrove QLD 4810
  • 13.0Kms from city
  • QLD - Townsville

Ideal location

Nestled alongside natural bushland and wildlife corridors and framed by the stunning backdrop of Mount Louisa’s high rock formations, you’ll forget you’re just minutes from thriving high streets, schools, services and transport hubs. Not to mention the elevated estates that will capture summer breezes and views to Castle Hill and Magnetic Island and will give Cosgrove its real ‘wow’ factor.

Convenient access

Everything you could need is conveniently located within easy reach from Cosgrove:

  • 10 minutes to the CBD and The Strand

  • 5 minutes to Townsville Airport and the RAAF Base

  • 5 minutes to Domain and Castletown Shopping Centres

  • 3 minutes to primary schools and Northern Beaches Aquatic Centre

  • 3 minutes to neighbourhood shopping centres

  • Direct access to the Bruce Highway

  • Easy access by Ring Road to Cowboys Stadium, Townsville Hospital, James Cook University and Lavarack Barracks

  • Close to major regional employment nodes

  • Housing, spoilt for choice

You’ll find a home that’s just right for you at Cosgrove. Seven distinct and private villages each with separate entrances will accommodate up to 6,000 residents and 2,000 dwellings across the generous 267 ha site. And when it comes to finding something that suits your lifestyle and budget, the choices are endless. Flexible housing styles and block frontages (including a wide frontage option to accommodate dual occupancy) will be available. And a measured Building Covenant will give you the peace of mind that your attractive neighbourhood and streetscape will endure.

Green space

Featuring 82 ha of open green areas bordered by bushland, wildlife and creek corridors, you’ll have the room you need to really live at Cosgrove. Families will love the convenience of attractive village parks and community BBQ areas on their doorsteps. More adventurous residents will also enjoy direct access to hiking and bike trails that link Mt Louisa and the Bohle River, while district sporting fields are just nearby.

Town Centre, at the heart of Cosgrove

Cosgrove will be anchored by Town Centre—a convenient hub at the heart of the residential precinct and a hive of activity and amenity. At Cosgrove, you’ll be living connected and Town Centre will offer the services and facilities you need to do just that—including a neighbourhood shopping centre, childcare centre and primary school on your doorstep.

Your safe haven

Not only is Cosgrove located safely above the Townsville Storm Tide Zone, but the seven residential precincts will also provide a welcoming and cohesive community environment to which you’ll always love coming home.

Map of Cnr Woolcock Street (Bruce Highway) and Cosgrove Drive Cosgrove QLD 4810

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  • Cnr Woolcock Street (Bruce Highway) and Cosgrove Drive, Cosgrove QLD 4810
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