Ashbury Armstrong Creek

Land Estate Armstrong Creek VIC

  • 460 Boundary Road, Armstrong Creek VIC 3217
  • 91.0Kms from city
  • VIC - Geelong & Surrounds

With a refreshing environment and wide open spaces, Ashbury Estate blends the best of town and city living. We are a tight-knit community nestled in the heart of Armstrong Creek.

At Ashbury Estate, we provide the perfect balance of convenience that city living can offer and the refreshing ambience of living close to nature.

We believe that experiencing the beauty of nature should not come at the expense of accessibility. The estate contains a wide array of amenities and recreational facilities, including wide open spaces, parks, playgrounds and natural attractions.

We are well-connected to the Geelong city centre and a short drive away from shopping and retail centres, educational facilities, and everything a busy lifestyle requires. You have a wide range of options for leisure, with parks and sports facilities planned for within the estate and easily accessible outside the estate.

Map of 460 Boundary Road Armstrong Creek VIC 3217

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  • 460 Boundary Road, Armstrong Creek VIC 3217
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