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Established 1995

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50-100 homes per year

Build Locations:

Melbourne - West, North

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Greenfield Builds

Greenfield Builds

House & Land

House & Land

Knockdown Rebuild

Knockdown Rebuild



Starting from

Single Storey: $210,900

Double Storey: $299,900


With its roots firmly nestled in over two decades of industry experience, Omnia Homes confidently stands tall as an esteemed member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA). Their dedication, spanning from assisting first home buyers to veteran investors, showcases their expertise to provide a quality built home to an expansive portfolio of clients. Meticulously catering to the distinct needs of each demographic, be it first-time home owners, seasoned investors, or those desirous of upgrading or downsizing their homes, encapsulates the essence of Omnia Homes.

Over the years, Omnia Homes has rendered assistance to thousands of Victorians in forging their dream abode, shaping an experience that amalgamates the robust process of home creation with the joy of witnessing their dreams come to life. The significance of this builder is not merely restricted to the walls of their creations but emanates through every nook and cranny, crafting homes that epitomise quality.

Omnia Homes was born out of a realisation - the industry needed a builder who perceived the value beyond bricks and mortar, who esteemed the worth of human relationships. Stepping outside the confines of standard industry practices, Omnia Homes re-centres the focus on the customer, believing in the power of service. This approach manifests through every aspect of their operation, be it the innovative initial designs, the dedicated customer meetings, or the exclusive inclusion packs tailored to meet the varied customer requirements.

Their commitment to a true customer experience, a seamless journey towards their dream home, underpins everything they do. This philosophy transcends through the entire building process, evident from the very first meeting and persisting throughout. A compelling testament to their approach is their steadfast insistence on the quality of their building process. With a consistent focus on fostering a relationship based on trust and transparency, Omnia Homes has etched its signature on the hearts of its clients, not just their homes.

Knowing that building a home is a profound emotional journey, Omnia Homes prides itself in having structurally and sentimentally invested in turning every brick into an abode of dreams and expectations. Their repertoire of Victorian homes, a tangible testament to this ethos, substantiates their standing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. In their quest to reimagine and reinvent the home building experience, Omnia Homes has constantly striven for balance - a harmony between industry standards and customer expectations, between architectural aesthetics and functional designs, between the craft of creation and the joy of building homes. Thus, offering a unique blend of professional expertise and unflinching dedication, Omnia Homes remains a bastion of excellence in the industry.

Through carefully managed growth and strategic partnerships formed over years of service, Omnia Homes operates across different regions and has established itself firmly in the competitive sphere of home building. The recognition it receives today symbolises the unwavering commitment and consistent performance Omnia Homes has delivered, catapulting itself as a trustee of quality homes and substantial relationships.

In a world where 'home' means far more than four walls, Omnia Homes continues to build homes deeply interwoven with dreams, aspirations, and life's sweetest moments. When you step into an Omnia-built home, it's not just about the mind appreciating the quality construction and precision, it's about the heart relishing in the comfort, warmth, and love that each space radiates. That is the Omnia Homes difference.

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Head Office Location:

17 Cabot Drive Altona North VIC 3025

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We add the finishing touches - for free!
We add the finishing touches - for free!

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