With the HomeBuilder deadline looming, there's no time like the present!

  • Article by: Sally Wood

According to recent reports from the Housing Industry Association (HIA), every state except Victoria saw an increase in new home sales from July to August. These results demonstrate that the HomeBuilder grant is working the way it was intended in states free of the rigorous Stage Four COVID-19 restrictions currently in place in Victoria.

The inability of Victorians to visit display homes to meet with builders, view properties or inspect designs and finishes for their renovations under Stage Four restrictions seems to have dulled the impact of the HomeBuilder grant in this state.

Complaints from the Victorian building industry have been loud and urgent since the government’s roadmap revealed the extension of these restrictions. Fiona Nield, from the HIA, voiced her concern, saying that “to be eligible for the grant, homebuyers need to sign a home building contract by 31 December. Even after home buyers are able to visit display suites and choose their builder, there will be limited time to complete the detailed design requirements before this deadline.”

A Silver Lining

Despite concerns around the Stage Four restrictions in Victoria, there are definitely still ways to kick-start your new home build. The upside of new home sales being down 14.4% in Victoria last month is that those looking to build could have their pick of builders.

Some builders might be in a position to dedicate more time towards your project over the next month than they will when demand picks up closer to the HomeBuilder deadline.

Our advice? Don’t wait to speak to builders in-person and risk missing the tight deadline of December 31 for the HomeBuilder grant. Instead, contact builders via phone or email to begin finalising your plans and assessing quotes.

Now more than ever the local builders in your area are committed to providing excellent customer service and competitive pricing to plan your dream home. Builders are open, and available via phone, email or online consultations.

If you’re in Victoria, start working through design plans now so you can hit the ground running post Stage Four restrictions, with whatever in-person tasks you still need to sort out.

Homeshelf can help get you started by recommending builders to match your budget and house plan requirements, providing free advice and arranging plans to suit your design needs. Time is of the essence, to ensure you sign off on a contract before the year ends and don’t miss out on the HomeBuilder grant.

About the HomeBuilder Grant

The Australian HomeBuilder Grant provides eligible Australians, including first-home buyers, with a $25,000 grant to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home. The grant was introduced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide much-needed financial support for the building industry, which is one of the industries hardest hit hardest by the pandemic.

Published: 25/09/2020
Author: Sally Wood