Why Opt for a Custom Builder?

  • Article by: Sally Wood

When building your new home, the choice of builder will usually fall into one of two categories – standard builders or custom builders.

Standard vs Custom Builder

Standard builders, or volume builders, construct homes from a set range of pre-designed plans. This approach is common of large scale building companies which deliver hundreds of homes each year.

Since the builder is working off a standard design, they’re able to save costs on bulk material orders and overall efficiency. This cost-friendly approach is what makes a standard builder a popular choice among homebuilders.

The downside however is that standard designs usually can only be modified with limited options to alter the design and your colour selections may be limited to their own suppliers. 

Rather than working to a limited catalogue of designs, a custom builder delivers customised, one-off homes for its clients. The process is more expensive, but the outcome is a unique home, specialised to your specific wants and needs. With a custom builder, you’re welcome to BYO plan, or they can devise you a home from scratch through their specialised in-house design teams.

davidson homes custom build
Source: Custom Build, Davidson Constructions

Benefits of a Custom Builder

When you work with a custom builder, you’ll have complete control over the design process – from floor plans to facades and appliances. The flexibility is endless. 

The result is a design personalised to deliver you your dream luxury home. Have you always wanted a living area flooded in natural light? An extra kitchenette? A balcony off your master bedroom? A custom builder can work with you to devise a plan that is functional, striking, and above all – unique.

A custom build will allow you to achieve a home unlike any other on the market. The added bonus of a custom builder is that they’ll often undertake projects that standard builders will not. Unlike volume builders, a custom builder can devise a specialised plan for sloping and difficult blocks.

Finding a Custom Builder

The next step is to choose a builder to bring your dream home to life. It’s important to find a trusted builder that is experienced in custom designs and their unique challenges. Homeshelf has a leading range of specialised custom builders with an impeccable track record of luxury custom builds.

Davidson Building Group

G.C Davidson Constructions specialise in providing their clients with a specialised service focusing on transparency and respect. With 50 years of experience in the East and South East suburbs of Melbourne, the family-owned company will do its utmost to ensure you enjoy the process of planning and designing your unique home while creating well-considered spaces suited to your own family’s lifestyle.

David Reid Homes

David Reid Homes specialises in unique architectural designs and quality craftsmanship of luxury homes across Australia. With an in-house team of professional designers, builders, and interior decorators, they offer end-to-end delivery of your dream luxury home.

Berstan Homes

Berstan Homes have been building for over 30 years in the East and North East suburbs of Melbourne and boast an impressive portfolio of custom builds with an extra personal touch. Work hand in hand with the company director to bring your vision to life in a spectacular fashion.

Published: 18/03/2022
Author: Sally Wood