What to think about when building your next 2 storey family home

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There’s no doubt about it: Building a home is one of the most exciting yet daunting times in any person’s life. And for those attempting it for the first or even the second time, there’s so many things that can be overlooked. You need to consider your current needs and then assess how you will accommodate for your family in the future.


If you’re planning on expanding your family anytime soon or have growing children, you need to think about some of the additional features your home will need. Is there an area for your kids to play? Is there a separate space for you and your partner to have some time away from the rest of the family?


Aside from this, if you’re planning on building your own 2 storey home for you and your family, here’s a few things to keep in mind.


1. Choose an open plan

Open plan living is becoming more and more popular with Australian families. Not only does it make your home feel bigger and brighter, but spaces can seamlessly transition into each other making it ideal for family togetherness and multitasking. With an open plan layout, you can enjoy cooking, eating and even watching a movie with all the family in the one place.


This is particularly important with modern life becoming increasingly busy and challenging families to create this togetherness by design rather than by accident. So environments designed to bring people together like open plan living areas are more likely to improve quality time. In fact, a new study has revealed that 67% of Australians felt that communal spaces (kitchen/living/dining) are the most important in the home, proving an excellent solution.


And why not capitalise on this communal area by incorporating a big breakfast bar as the central point? Breakfast bars can become a multitasking saviour that keeps the household connected and functioning like clockwork. So when building make sure there’s ample room for a several people to sit comfortably at this space and try to visualise what it would look like with your entire family gathered around it.


2.  Create two distinct zones

When it comes to choosing a floor plan, you need to consider what’s going to suit you and your family’s needs both now and in the future. And what better way to build for this predicted growth than with a 2 storey home that can grow with you? 2 storey homes offer a better separation of living spaces, which means you have more options.


There’s a whole range of configurations that become available when you decide to build up. For example, you may opt to have the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, providing more privacy, and then the open plan living area downstairs, allowing for entertaining guests and family togetherness.


Alternatively, you may opt to have the master bedroom and ensuite downstairs and the kid’s bedrooms and activity area upstairs, so you can have your own retreat from the rest of the house. That way, you can enjoy time together in the communal area and then wind down in your own private rooms.


So as you can see, stacking your space instead of spreading it means you can maintain a good sized living area and bedrooms, plus gives you extra room for any additional rooms you may require. A few to think about, especially when you have children, are:


Kids area

Two living areas will guarantee less arguing and ensure you don’t feel like your living area is being overtaken by toys! So give your kids a specific area allocated just for them. This space can be flexible, versatile and multi-functional as it grows and changes with your children’s needs. What might start out as a chill-out zone or games area may turn into a quiet study area later down the track - but no matter what you’ll be prepared for it.


Study nook

Placing a study nook near the kitchen is a great idea for a family home. It’s a space close to the home hub which means you can keep a watchful eye on the kids while they’re doing their homework. It can also double as a useful zone for paying bills, checking emails or even searching for some inspirational recipe ideas while remaining in the main living area.


Laundry room

If you have children, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time in this room - so make sure to check its functionality. Look for ways to add additional storage as your family grows by asking yourself a few questions first. Is there a place to store the iron and ironing board? Is there enough room for a retractable drying rack? Are you able to maximise available bench space?


3. Configure your backyard

If you have kids or pets a backyard may be a determining factor when choosing a home. 2 storey living increases the room for a sizeable backyard, ideal for growing families. In fact, a double storey design will maximise surrounding spaces and allow plenty of room for a spacious garden, swimming pool, alfresco area and more.


However, it’s also important to consider your backyard configuration carefully for the future. As your children grow up, you might want to leave enough room for cubby houses, trampolines, swing sets and other play areas. So factor in where these future developments may go and think of ways to maximise your space.

4. Make your house a home

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to make your house a home. No matter what you do, ensure the house you build is designed with your family’s growth in mind. Consider opting for functional spaces over finishes as changing the floor layout, plumbing and moving walls of a home can be costly and difficult to do once built. Follow these few handy hints and we can ensure you’re family will have a home that serves them and their needs well into the future.


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Published: 24/08/2020
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