What Not To Miss When Building A New Home

  • Article by: Sally Wood

The pre-build process can be a little overwhelming at times. We've put together a list of smaller things that may get overlooked at the time, but if done right can enhance the livability and enjoyment of everyday home life.

Push For More Powerpoints

There is nothing more frustrating then searching for a powerpoint to charge your phone or plug in your vacuum.

They are an essential item to building a home but are often overlooked in the planning stage. And if missed they can be a pain to install later on.

We recommend additional powerpoints:

  • in hallways for vacuums
  • inside the broom cupboard for a rechargeable vacuum
  • inside bathroom cupboards and drawers

In addition, you may wish to consider two-way switches or dimmers for lights, and extra data sockets in your home office and television areas. Night lights such as sensor LED lights are also great in hallways, staircases or bathrooms so they turn on when you walk around in the middle of the night.

You may also wish to consider a TV point in the main bedroom. 

wall lights

Style And Comfort Details

Pay close attention to some of the smaller details like:

  • The placement of heating ducts, consider including extra ducts in the bathrooms to ensure that your bathroom is cosy in the winter months.
  • Door Locks for privacy in your bathroom and bedroom, if required. If you're installing cavity sliding doors in bathrooms it can be a lot easier to add locks when specifying the doors rather than after install.
  • A water tap provision for your fridge,  if required, and make sure to factor in the extra depth of the outlet at the back if you want your fridge flush with cabinets.
  • Properly measure the size of your fridge gap if you intend to use a larger, or French door fridge. 
  • A laundry chute can save multiple trips in a double storey home. 
  • Soundproofing insulation can be a great addition for theatre and rumpus rooms. 

outdoor kitchen

Considerations For Outdoors

While the inside of your home may be the biggest focus, you shouldn’t neglect your garden space.

Consider adding some extra garden taps, and a gas point for your alfresco dining. Also additional powerpoints for your outdoor entertainment space. This can make all the difference when you're entertaining outdoors during the warmer months.

Published: 30/06/2022
Author: Sally Wood