What is French Provincial Interior Design Style?

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French provincial-inspired design is a timeless and enduring style that will make any home feel elegant and luxurious. This home design somehow maintains the perfect balance of simple but not boring; sophisticated but not gaudy. But how do you go about achieving this precarious balance? 


There are a few things that will instantly give your home a French provincial flair:

Colour Palette – A French provincial colour palette predominantly consists of creamy whites, warm greys and smooth ivories with splashes of duck egg blues and seafoam greens. In general, opt for warm, natural hues.

Textures – When choosing fabrics and soft furnishings, linen is a must. It’s clean and fresh with a rustic edge. A pop of velvet will also add a hint of luxury.

Design –
Intricate design is a staple of French provincial style. Think carbiole table and chair legs, elegantly curved wrought iron, and beautifully carved picture frames and mirrors.

Natural Materials –
Much of the charm of French provincial interiors is its rustic charm. One of the main ways to achieve this is by featuring natural materials in your home, such as wood, natural stone, and wrought iron. You can introduce this into your home through furniture, doors, and even exposed beams. The finish of these materials should be stripped back and organic to keep with the rustic aesthetic.

Personal Touch –
Make your home your own by adding your own decorations throughout, like cushions, lamps, books, and vases.



Published: 11/11/2021