Ways to Make Your House Look Luxurious

  • Article by: Sarah Chapman

There are a number of ways you can make your house look better even when you’re short on budget. Believe it or not, budget is not your number one concern when it comes to home beautification with a low-cost approach. It’s how you can transform your space with resourcefulness, creativity and design acumen.

With the right techniques, you can make your house look luxurious. Here’s how: 

Use light to bring out your home’s personality

"No matter how many beautiful items you've bought for your home, without proper illumination you are left in the dark," says Erik Thompson, expert lighting designer from Texas. 

He suggests that buying a fancy couch won’t singlehandedly solve your boring living room experience, nor will an Easton Pearson designer rug if you have poor lighting choices. 

Use proper lighting to highlight key features of your home, bring out the colors of your furniture, and illuminate working spaces. You may already have a luxurious house and you just don’t know it. Let there be light and let the characteristics of your beautiful home shine. 

Lighting should also be executed with purpose. For example, living rooms should always have ambient lighting which is suitable for spaces where people stay.

Cut down on furniture

Cramped spaces are never aesthetic. There should always be a balance between walking space and furniture. Sometimes, it’s even best to have more space than accessories and appliances floating around without any true purpose. This is the reason why minimalism is still thriving today since its emergence in the 1950s.

“Make room for things that matter by removing everything that doesn’t,” as suggested by minimalist designer Brian Gardner, should be every homeowner’s mindset. 

Spaces that are free from clutter are more recognizable. De-cluttered spaces instantly create a sense of calmness - a welcoming vibe. A luxurious home is not rich in accouterments, but rich in space. Even tiny living means maximizing whatever space is available. With a regular-sized house, you should be able to pull it off.

Use high-quality paint

A luxurious home does not only have beautiful colors, but colors that will stay as fresh as new after 5 years. It’s that detail you can’t seem to pinpoint that sets beautiful houses apart from poorly painted ones. 

Colors incorporated in architectural spaces are not for decoration alone. The paint on your walls is more than just for aesthetic appeal, but also for protection from the heat of the sun, water, humidity, corrosion and even fire. It’s easy to pick the right color, but sometimes, it takes a second look to pick the right type of paint. 

Acrylic paint is the most durable type of paint. It’s designed to resist water, heat from the sun and other elements. At times, painters don’t even think about applying sealants or varnish over acrylic paint because of its durability. Acrylic paint is perfect for preserving the look of your house.

Painting is a daunting task for beginners. It follows a meticulous process required to bring out the best quality of the paint. Hiring a professional house painter who can pick the right type of paint and apply it correctly can help you make your house look more luxurious.

Keep your yard green and clean

How your house looks inside is just as important as how you present it from the outside. In fact, making a good first impression should be your priority, especially when you are selling your house or trying to increase its value. To achieve this, your house should have an appealing facade or what they call curb appeal. 

Increasing the curb appeal of your home is more labor-intensive than it is costly. It requires regular maintenance which involves watering, trimming and general cleaning. 

A beautiful house speaks for itself…

If you can sell your house without telling your buyers about how beautiful it is, then you certainly did a good job making it beautiful. 

Published: 08/12/2020
Author: Sarah Chapman
Bio: I am the Marketing Associate at Calibre Cleaning, the number one house cleaning service in Melbourne. Aside from fulfilling my duty, I'm also an enthusiastic blogger that shares knowledge about improving someone's home.