Walk through the floor plan of your new home before it's built

  • Article by: Tass Cico @ Big Plans

Having trouble understanding your floor plans?

You are not alone.

Spacial awareness, a thing for Architects and Rocket scientists.

Have no fear we have found a way for us common folk to step inside our new soon to be built home to understand the floor plan layout and space without the need to be sitting at a computer.  

The team at Big Plans Melbourne have fitted out a warehouse in North Melbourne with tech that allows you to bring in your floor plans and see your future home at actual size. Bring the family and walk through and talk through your ideas.

-You can stand in kitchen and feel the distance between the sink and the island bench.

-Step inside your walk in robe to see if this will hold the ever growing collection of shoes.

-Check the power points are position correctly.

-Even work out where the furniture will go. They even have real furniture you can move into place.

Building a new home is a big commitment and investing in getting it right before you start building will save thousands down the track. Don’t end up "living with" a mistake or paying the builder a ton of money to fix the problem, once the frames and walls are up.

Big Plans together with are giving all their clients the ability to showcase their floor plan at a discounted rate. Mention Homeshelf when making your booking and receive 15% off the normal session price.

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Published: 17/05/2019
Author: Tass Cico
Company: Big Plans