Trendy Furniture for Your New Home

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You are about to move into your gorgeous new home and you need some fabulous interior design ideas? Be fashion-savvy and choose chic but timeless furniture pieces that will brighten up your space. Design matters just as much as functionality because you want to surround yourself with things that will relax and inspire you. From kitchen and bathroom basics to pretty rugs and cutting-edge storage units, here are a couple of on-trend must-haves Aussies love at the moment.


How to Pick a Fashionable Wardrobe?

Once considered luxury, walk-in wardrobes are barely a necessity today. No matter how big or small, the biggest trend is a smart design that utilises all of the available space by adding lots of compartments, drawers, shelves and rails. Custom-made wardrobes are all the rage at the moment and for those who have a bit of spare space, a vanity table in it is a must-have. But even if your house or apartment isn't big enough to fit in a walk-in wardrobe, you can still order a built-in one that perfectly fits into your living space. The most prevalent trends? Sliding doors and mirrors to maximise the space and visually enhance the room.  

Choose the Best Kitchen Island

Not sure how to make your kitchen a vibrant and inspirational space which will make you enthusiastic about cooking? Kitchen islands are still very popular! Instead of separating dining and cooking areas, you can merge them into one and have a big kitchen island which is used for anything from chopping vegetables and mixing ingredients to eating, socialising and even working on your laptop. Which colours and styles are in fashion right now? A combination of rustic wood, clean modern lines and metallic touches is on-point, but crisp whites and natural shades and organic (curvy shapes are also trendy).

Go Colour or Texture Crazy with Statement Carpets

And while you can keep the overall design clean, minimalistic and monochromatic, you can go wild with rugs. A bold carpet can really add a touch of whimsy to a space, be it a bedroom or a living room. The most stylish designs? Think bold colours, geometric shapes, bohemian prints, layered and two-toned styles, quirky tropical prints (tropical greenery and pineapples anyone?) or Art Deco-influenced patterns. Trendy textures range from soft and fluffy to bold woven or ribbed designs. The stronger they are, the more character they add to your new home.

Embrace Dark Woods

Darker and moodier hues are in vogue right now, especially when it comes to big furniture pieces such as tables and cupboards. Move on from those pale, bleached woods influenced by Scandinavian aesthetic and embrace the new trend that exudes retro glamour and modern luxury at the same time (dark wood is oh-so-vintage). Art Deco pieces and '60s-inspired designs are still prevalent, while dominant colours include walnut, black and chestnut brown. And consider smooth marble or terrazzo textures because they add sophistication and vintage flair to any living space (Italian terrazzo is a popular solution for flooring, but the pattern appears on everything from kitchens and bathrooms to furniture).

Add Metallic Touches

A combination of wood, rich textiles (or leather) and metallic finishes is utterly modern. It oozes with an effortless glamour of eclecticism and gives you the freedom to mix and match so many different pieces. The most popular metallic shade right now is brass which has recently replaced copper and rose gold. But feel free to choose any metallic hue you like or even opt for designs that include mixed metals (like yellow and rose gold + silver or brass). But keep the metal touches to the minimum and accentuate other colours and textures. Think subtle details like table or chair legs, lamps, candle holders or bed frames.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Designs

Eco-friendly materials have become common in building and interior design, so why not furnish your house with sustainable furniture? Go green and buy furniture that is healthy and free from pollutants, but also leaves the minimal impact on nature. Consider using recycled textiles, salvaged wood, bamboo and cork which are sought-after at the moment. If you love DIY, you can even repurpose and revamp some old furniture pieces and give them a second life.

Make a Resort-Inspired Bathroom

Why not turn your own bathroom into a mini spa? Think everything resort-inspired including rattan furniture, cute eco-friendly baskets for towels and toiletries, walk-in showers, wooden panels, beach pebbles and tropical plants. A pine bathroom vanity is a perfect fit. And if space features a large window with a fantastic view, you get the ideal retreat for relaxation in your own home!

Published: 24/08/2020