Top Tips to Keep Your Backyard Beautiful in Autumn and Winter

  • Article by: Sally Writes @ Everlast Services

There is perhaps no better time to rejuvenate your backyard than the Autumn and Winter seasons. The harsh sun of summer is over, but cold weather is looming in the distance. The rains might be approaching, but there’s still plenty you can do your garden to keep it fresh and looking it’s best.


So don’t despair. Whether you’re a garden lover or weekend warrior, now is the perfect time to put on your green thumb get your garden makeover off to a good start.


To help you stay focused on the right tasks at hand, here are our best tips for keeping your backyard beautiful in Autumn and Winter.

Start a compost bin 

Not sure what to do with all those Autumn leaves? Don’t throw them out – turn them into compost! Start a pile in your backyard or buy yourself a compost bin, and layer it with grass and leaves, kitchen scraps and leftover pruning. Turn it regularly with a shovel or garden fork to keep the air moving. Soon you will have a fantastic source of nutrients your soil will love.


Plant some perennials 

No winter garden is complete without the colour of some beautiful perennials. These striking varieties just make you feel warm and cosy inside and are easy to plant yourself. Check out your local nursery and look for the labels to find some that suit your backyard. It will add a splash of elegance to enjoy when you’re peering through the window with a cuppa in hand.


Fertilise your lawns 

It’s always a good idea to monitor your garden lawns to keep them looking green and fresh all year. The best way to do this is by fertilising them either once or twice per year. A great time to tick this off is early Autumn so you can enjoy it without needing to rush outside when it gets colder. Give it a good mow, as well, and the weeds a solid spray to top off your lawn checklist.


Arrange your landscape 

When leaves and shrubs in the cold start falling away, the structure of your beautiful backyard is laid bare. To keep this intact, make sure you balance the tall and small plants and items in the garden. Ornaments and features like water fountains or alfresco areas look great in winter, so consider adding a few if your garden needs it.


Start pruning your trees 

Pruning is the essential chore of the modern gardener, and for good reason. It’s critical for removing branches and dead parts of the tree to improve health (and tidy it up a bit). You’ll want to get out when the sun is with you on a beautiful day, or you might regret it later.


Follow these tips to keep your backyard beautiful throughout Autumn and Winter. A pro tip is to rope in the whole family or friends and make a time of it. A job shared is a job halved!

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Published: 24/08/2020
Author: Sally Writes
Company: Everlast Services