Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Kitchen Floorplan

  • Article by: Sally Wood

The best kitchens make everything easy, whether that’s baking with the kids, cooking meals swiftly and efficiently, entertaining guests while cooking, or simply not bumping into each other while trying to prepare dinner.

Here are some top tips for designing a kitchen floorplan to ensure you end up with a kitchen that makes your life as easy as can be and a home design you love.

Reduce Traffic

The kitchen will always be a high-traffic part of the house. But to make traffic flow more easily, you can ensure that primary walkways will not be blocked by open refrigerators, ovens or dishwashers. 

Make room for wide walkways in your plan to reduce the risk of children catching handles on the cooktop and causing spills when passing through.

Consider making the refrigerator accessible to both passers-by and those who are cooking. That way hungry family members in search of a snack won’t get in the way of whoever is cooking or cleaning up.

Ensure Enough Countertop Space

Think about how often you cook and whether it’s important for you to have lots of countertop space. Prioritise countertop space between the stovetop and the sink as this is the most efficient space for meal preparation.

cooking with kids - designing the perfect kitchen layout

The Perks of a Floating Island Bench

A floating island bench is a very popular kitchen layout for a reason. It allows for the most room, for example when baking with kids, as there is more space around the countertop for multiple people.

By adding bar chairs, it will also be easy to cook whilst entertaining and conversing with guests.

Plan for Landing Space and Large Appliances

When considering countertop space, don’t forget about your KitchenAid, coffee machine or other large appliances that will take up considerable space.

Ensure you have landing space around these appliances and your cooktop. This space to place items while cooking will be invaluable.

Published: 07/10/2021
Author: Sally Wood