Top Tips for Designing a Bathroom Floorplan for your Dream Home

  • Article by: Sally Wood

Top Tips for Designing a Bathroom Floorplan

Getting your bathroom floorplan design right the first time is crucial. Remodelling costs can escalate rapidly if you need to move plumbing lines by switching the placement of a toilet and sink, for example.

Instead, keep these top tips for designing a bathroom floorplan in mind to ensure you end up with a bathroom you love for years.

designing your bathroom Lentini Homes

Source: Lentini Homes, Elwood design

Wet Walls

The biggest bathroom layout decision is the number of ‘wet walls’ you install. Wet walls are walls with plumbing pipes and the more you have, the bigger your budget needs to be. A one-wall layout is cost-effective but limiting while a three-wall layout is versatile but expensive.

For a bathroom that feels spacious, we recommend a design with at least two wet walls.

bathroom with one sink in bentley display home

Source: Bentley Homes, Caledonia display home

Reconsider Dual Sinks

Dual sinks have become staple features of most modern bathrooms. While two sinks can be very functional, consider whether roomier grooming stations on either side of a single sink might be better suited to your needs.

With just one sink, you can play around with space for a vanity and even more storage. You may just find this extra space more useful than a second sink.

bathroom with shower only in varaich display home

Source: Varaich Homes, Donnybrook display home

A Walk-In Shower Instead of a Second Tub

If you’ve already planned out a bathroom with a bathtub, most real estate experts agree that omitting a bathtub from a second bathroom will not hurt your home’s resale value.

The shower and bathtub combination also tends to go unused. Instead, we recommend opting for a luxurious walk-in shower that will be appreciated on a daily basis.

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Published: 12/10/2021
Author: Sally Wood