Top 5 upgrades for your new home

  • Article by: Sally Wood

While perusing your way through display homes, it’s not uncommon to leave feeling awestruck by the lavish finishes and details. In most cases, this will be a result of the abundant optional extras and upgrades the display home is fitted out with.

Replicating these luxury add-ons can quickly add up, but there are certain upgrades for your new home that are worth considering over others. Here’s our expert opinion on which upgrades are worth splashing a little extra cash.


1. Shower Niches

Shower niches are a relatively inexpensive home upgrade for the benefit they provide. They’re super functional as they allow for tidy storage of your shower essentials by keeping them off the floor and at arm's length. One of the latest trend's in bathroom design is to opt for a full length shelf to achieve a similar result – if that’s more your style.

upgrade option shower niche in display home       shower shelf in bathroom
Source: Top. Gabrielle 30 by True Value Homes, Bottom. Zephyr & Stone.


2. Double Glazed Windows

Up to 40 per cent of the heat lost during winter comes down to your windows. By upgrading to double glazed windows you can significantly impact the energy efficiency of your new home. It also helps with noise cancellation.

double glazed windows upgrade for new home

3. Higher or Raked Ceilings

Opting for higher ceilings or raked ceilings in your new home can transform the whole feel of your house. With the heightened ceilings allowing for more light to enter, the space will have the illusion of being more spacious than it really is. Raked ceilings in particular work to maximise space and natural lighting, bouncing light of differing angles to create an ambiently lit space.


high ceiling upgrade in display home    upgrade to raked ceiling in display home
Source: Top. Milan 29 Signature by Varaich Homes, Bottom. Porter Davis


4. Integrated Kitchen Appliances

When tossing up freestanding versus integrated kitchen appliances, we are firm believers that integrated appliances are a home upgrade worth the cost. Integrated appliances save space, look more discreet and preserve the visual flow of the kitchen. Their subtle insets invoke a more sleek and modern finish compared to stand alone appliances which can disrupt the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

henley homes kitchen with integrated appliances
Source: Henley Homes


5. Hanging Rail in the Laundry

Clothes horses are a staple of the home, but they sure do come at the cost of visual amenity. One alternative worth considering is the inclusion of hanging rail in your laundry. Built in laundry rails are a far more discreet means of storing and drying your clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. 


laundry with hanging rail
Source: Carlisle Homes


Bonus Tip!

And one more add-on to think about – sheer curtains! On one hand sheer curtains offer great aesthetic benefit, filtering sunlight to bathe the room in a soft light while integrating texture. They also serve a functional purpose by providing a privacy screen from the outside while allowing light to fill the space.

sheer curtains diyblinds
Source: DIY Blinds

Published: 11/06/2021
Author: Sally Wood