Tips & Tricks for Building on a Wide Frontage Block

  • Article by: Sally Wood

Building on a block with a wide frontage presents certain challenges. It can be difficult to create a sense of privacy when so much of your home is exposed to the street. Not to mention designing the layout so that movement flows naturally throughout can be tricky.

But these challenges are not without their opportunities too; take a look at all the tips and tricks below to make the most of a wide frontage.

Source: Bentley Homes, Atlanta 320 display home

Maximise Natural Light

When your home is wider than it is deep, this means almost every corner of your home will have a window providing a gentle breeze and natural light. This helps to create an indoor-outdoor connection in nearly every room, allowing your home to breathe and feel open, which can even help reduce the cost of cooling.

Strong Street Presence

Even if your block has one-storey and is relatively small, a wide frontage can make your home appear large and impressive from the street. Play with roof heights and the arrangement of rooms to create a strong and memorable presence.

Utilise the Power of Levels

Using levels can be the perfect solution for separating private and public areas. By installing stairs (even just a few), guests will subconsciously interpret these elevated areas as the private part of the home. This can help your home’s layout make more sense when guests enter your home.

Levels can also be used by elevating the home above the eye line of those on the street. This can reduce how much of your interior is visible from the street and fortify its sense of seclusion.

Source: Gracedale 332 Acreage plan by Avondale Homes

Make the Floorplan Count

A well-designed floorplan is key to making the most of your wide block’s opportunities and minimising its challenges. We've put together some suggestions of 3 bed homes on a wide block, take a look at our top 5 plans here.

Published: 09/11/2020
Author: Sally Wood