Tips for Planning an Acreage Home

  • Article by: Sally Wood

Are you dreaming of an acreage home? Maybe you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and move to a regional area. Or maybe you just love the aesthetic of sprawling landscape and incredible views! We take a look at the things to consider when planning an acreage home.

Services and Infrastructure

Acreage homes are typically built in less built-up areas where there is far less established infrastructure. While this means that you can escape the crowds of the city, it also means you need to factor in the potential costs of connecting to services such as power, water, and sewerage. If your site doesn’t have these amenities already, you may need to consider alternatives such as septic tanks, which can alter the cost of your build.

Vehicle Access

Is your new package of land easily accessible by road? Many acreage homes are set back from main streets and can be a bit tricky to get to. This won’t be an issue once you’re living there, but it could pose a problem for builders and other trades while they construct your dream property. Make sure you have a suitable driveway and work out a solution for access with your builder.

Acreage facade by Stroud Homes
Source: Kentucky acreage design by Stroud Homes


One of the best things about acreage homes is the beautiful locations and the potential for truly breathtaking views. To make the most of this, always consider the orientation of your land when planning your new build. Living areas should face north to make the most of sun and natural light. If you have scenic views, make sure your keyspaces have plenty of big windows to enjoy them!


Chances are, you decided to buy land for an acreage property because you want to spread out. This means you have plenty of room to play within your floorplan. However, more space doesn’t mean you can forget about smart design! Think about how to make the most of your area and what rooms you want to include. You may like to take advantage of the extra space with a grand entrance hall, butler’s pantry, walk-in wardrobes, ensuites, and formal living areas. You can also consider having extra guest bedrooms for when friends and family come to stay!

Acreage plan by Sherridon Homes
Source: Woodside 400 acreage design by Sherridon Homes


Just as important as the interior of your new home is the land surrounding it. An acreage property will feature plenty of outdoor space, so think about how you would like to utilise it. Do you want a big lawn for the kids to play on? What about a swimming pool? A deck and outdoor entertaining space? A vegetable garden to grow your own food? When you have a large property, the opportunities are endless! Planning ahead of time will mean you can make the most of your land and enjoy it from the outset.


One potential pitfall of living in the country or regional areas is the risk of bushfire. Always check if you are building in an area prone to bushfire and take the necessary precautions. There may be regulations about how your house is built and the materials you can use. If you do require fireproofing materials, such as specific glass, metal and timbers, this can potentially increase your building costs.

Published: 06/05/2022
Author: Sally Wood