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  • Article by: Sally Wood @ Kent Storage

A mattress is a significant investment and for good reason; we spend a great deal of our life on them and they have a huge impact on our health. If you need to place your belongings into storage while building your home, you want to make sure that your mattress is still in perfect condition when you retrieve it.

Take a look at these tips and tricks on how to store mattresses, and keep your bed nice and springy whilst it’s in storage.


It Has to Be Clean

This is the most important tip because none of the other tips will work unless you’ve got this step right. You need to arm yourself with some upholstery cleaner and a vacuum and make sure you clean your mattress thoroughly. If your mattress will be in long term storage you also need to clean it occasionally throughout its stay.


Get the Right Material

You probably spent a significant amount of money on your mattress, so it’s worth spending some money on the material that you’re going to use to protect it. Towels, sheets and blankets will provide some protection but if you really want to look after your mattress you need to invest in a breathable plastic mattress cover which will provide ventilation and protection from dust and other nuisances.


Wrap it Tight, with No Air Pockets

You need to get the technique right when it comes to wrapping your mattress. Luckily, the technique is incredibly easy all you have to do is wrap from top to bottom and back to front. You need to get rid of any air pockets as you go because trapped air can damage the fabric and the micro-fibres.


Lay it on its Side

This step is crucial. You can cause significant damage to your mattress if you lay it on its side or on its end. It needs to be stored flat or you risk damage to the internal coil structure and shape of your mattress.


Climate is Important

People tend to store mattresses in garages, attics and basements but all of these areas are unsuitable. Humidity and moisture tend to collect in these areas due to their position in your home and humidity and damp will turn your mattress into a mouldy, mildewy mess.


Go With a Professional

Ok, so to look after your mattress you need to have it lying flat in a dry area? By this point you may be looking around your home and realising that you simply don’t have a suitable space. The truth is, not many people do. So, why not give your mattress the five star treatment and book it in for a stay at a professional storage space.


Give it Time

You need to allow your mattress to breathe after you’ve unwrapped it. The mattress will have a slightly musty smell after it has been in storage and if you put linen on it right away you can actually force these smells deep into the micro-fibre and lock them in there.


Follow these tips and you’ll be able to stretch out on your mattress without even knowing its been in storage.



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Published: 24/08/2020
Author: Sally Wood
Company: Kent Storage