The Latest Bathroom Trends 2022

  • Article by: Sally Wood

Bathroom trends are hot property at the moment—and with good reason. A well-appointed bathroom can add substantial value to any home. So, if you’re building a new house, it’s the perfect time to future-proof your bathroom style. Not only will you get the look you want to live in, it can also add significant value to your home if you’re looking to sell down the track.

Bathrooms aren’t just about practicality anymore. These days, home owners want that spa feeling at home, every day. Architectural quality, colours, tapware choices and accessories can give any bathroom a luxurious feel. Even small adjustments to your design can make a big difference to the overall tone of the bathroom.

So what kind of bathroom looks are currently trending? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Bathroom Styles are in Right Now?

There’s a few points to consider before picking a bathroom style that is on trend. Everything in a bathroom should add to the overall aesthetic of the space, including tapware. All of the suggestions below are dependent on the overall style of your bathroom; have you gone with a Hamptons look, or uber modern clean lines?

It’s All About Tapware

Tapware can really be a hero feature in any bathroom style. The shower, the bathtub and the vanity station all incorporate tapware. This means that tapware can act as an eye-catching feature that contrasts with a variety of elements—the wall colour, your tiles, your vanity, your shower screen, the list goes on.

Tapware colours that are trending currently (besides matte black in monochrome bathroom styles) include brushed nickel and gold. Brushed nickel gives an earthy, modern tone while the gold acts as a bold statement of elegance and luxury. Whether you’ve got an ultra-modern or a classic bathroom style, don’t be afraid to make some bold decisions to give the space some life.

gold taps trending as seen in varaich homes display

Less Is More With Tiles

When it comes to picking tiles, less is more. Stick to either one or two different at a miximum. There have been trends that offer multiple tiles for added texture but now simplicity is well and truly key to achieving a trendy bathroom. Floor to ceiling tiles are a popular choice as it not only provides a seamless match with the one tile choice but it also makes the space look and feel bigger.

tiles featured in bentley homes display home

Vanity For Contrast Or Warmth

The vanity station is an important part of the bathroom as it ties the style together. Whether it is a single or double vanity, this area can be the contrast feature that immediately grabs attention. The vanity can also add a lovely touch of warmth by using timber on the cabinetry. Alternatively, there is a comeback of rattan features that give texture and contrast to the space.

Whether you’re renovating your current bathroom or designing a new one from scratch, bathroom trends are important to know so you can have the bathroom that everyone wants. Just following simple trends like tapware and tile colours will give you the foundation for a really trendy style bathroom.

Published: 05/08/2022
Author: Sally Wood