The Hottest Fireplace Surround Style Trends for 2019

  • Article by: Sally Wood @ Richard Ellis Design

2019 is upon us which means we’re about to look at a whole new set of design trends. If you’re thinking about doing some redesigning, the fireplace is a great place to start. You could add a new fireplace as an instant game changer, or, replace your current fireplace surrounds for an instant and cost-effective upgrade.  

Here’s a look at some styles to check out if you’re thinking about a fireplace installation or reimagining.

Georgian Style

Georgian style doesn’t refer to the country, or the US state, instead it refers to the 18th-century British style that has become incredibly influential in the design world. With this type of fireplace design, you can go minimal or maximal, and there are enough colours and materials to suit everything from the ultra-modern to the pared back. 

King Louis

French styling has always been fashionable. This idyllic part of the world has always been a trendsetter, and that extends to the fireplace. If you want to go French in your fireplace surround, you should investigate a French Provincial style, especially if you want something natural and homely, or a Louis 14th style for something a little more opulent.

The Timeless Victorian Period

The Victorian period will always be a firm favourite because the styles during this time provide just the right mixture of design and restraint. There’s plenty to work with here. You could choose black marble options, to suit a clean and modern aesthetic, or turn up the design and go white if you’re trying to directly honour the period.  

Something Fresh and Relevant

Contemporary and retro style fireplace surrounds can create something new or put a fun play on the past. Both styles can suit a range of homes, with the choice usually coming down to material and colour. 


One word of warning with these styles is to choose clean lines and restrained colours if you're looking for a design that will stand the test of time. Overly flashy styles can be overbearing, so keep it simple and enjoy it forever.

Accessories Matter

Whether you’re upgrading a fireplace or creating a new fireplace, don’t forget to choose accessories that suit the scene. Well-chosen accessories such as pokers, grates and even guards, can help sell your fireplace surrounds. Just make sure the accessories are as functional as they are beautiful, or you could be wasting your money.


When deciding on your fireplace surrounds, make sure they suit your home. There's nothing worse than walking through a house and feeling instantly uncomfortable because you've entered a room and there's a fireplace that just doesn't look right. If you have to step away from your favourite design because you know it won't suit your overall design scheme, do it, you'll thank yourself forever. 


If you want to make sure you end up with a winning design, follow this rule of thumb. Go crisp and clean for a modern designed home and go ornate with restrained colours for period or heritage-styled homes. Or, you could just call your local fireplace design provider for some expert advice. 

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Published: 13/08/2020
Author: Sally Wood
Company: Richard Ellis Design