The Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

  • Article by: Sally Wood @ Richard Ellis Design

Is there anything better than a fireplace with the perfect surround? Of course, there is the eternal question of gas vs wood fireplace. Gas fireplaces have many benefits, and in many ways, they offer all the benefits of wood without the hassle.



Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from a gas fireplace.


No Temperature Variation

Even the most experienced wood fire craftsmen will have problems maintaining a consistent temperature. As your wood burns or smoulders, the heat increases or disappears. With a gas fireplace, you just select the temperature, and the furnace automatically maintains a consistent level of heat.


No Woodchopping

Anyone who grew up with a wood fireplace knows that chopping wood is one of the most laborious tasks in existence. It's not just dull, it's labour-intensive and can be quite tricky. This means that gas fireplaces-which are quickly and easily operated with just the flick of a switch-are the perfect option for:

People with a disability

People in old age

People who are short of time

People who don't live near a wooded area or have ready access to firewood


Decreased Fire Danger

Wood fireplaces can be dangerous if left unattended. Sparks and embers can create house fires and other issues. With a gas fireplace, there are no sparks or embers, so there is a much-reduced danger of house fire.


Better Heat Circulation

Wood fireplaces offer direct heat. Gas fireplaces are fitted with a fan, so that circulates the heat out and around a space. That means the warmth is felt far beyond the immediate area around the fire.


No Chimney? No Worries!

A problem with adding a fireplace to an existing home is adding a chimney. There is no need for a chimney with a gas fireplace, so they're perfect for houses where one just isn't possible.


Heat at The Push of a Button

The best part about gas fireplaces is being able to make heat happen at the push of a button. You can sit back with a book, or put a movie on and instantly control the heat coming from the fireplace.


Wood fireplaces are incredibly maintenance-intensive. After every fire, you need to sweep away the ash and remove any burnt logs. You need to keep the chimney clear, and you also need to keep your wood chopped and dry. With gas fireplaces, there is no maintenance.


Improved Efficiency

Gas fireplaces are one of the most efficient ways to create heat - up to 25% more efficient than electric sources. Closed versions, in particular, are an incredibly cheap way to make an area nice and toasty.


So, with a gas fireplace, you get all these benefits without losing the magic of wood fire. You still get the incredible glow and warmth, you get the soothing crackle, and you get that special feeling that only a fireplace creates.


If you want a gas fireplace, you need the surrounds to accompany it, and Richard Ellis Design offers fireplace surrounds to suit any decor.


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Published: 24/08/2020
Author: Sally Wood
Company: Richard Ellis Design