Roof Styles In Australia: Materials & Features

  • Article by: Ramya Rao

Roofs come in many styles to complement the different types of housing we have in Australia. Go for the style that matches your preferences, house dimensions, and climate conditions in your area. Most importantly, you need to consider the guidelines or covenants on the land estate or council that your building in.


Gabled roof for new home

Source: Cambridge facade by Bentley Homes

Gabled/Hip roofs

The most popular roof style in Australia is the Gabled/ Hip roof. These roofs generally have planes that gently slope in opposite directions with the highest point in the middle of the roof. Common roof materials used are colorbond steel, concrete tiles, terracotta tiles and composite tiles (light and strong plastic composites).


Excellent drainage.

Leaves space for a loft.


Good insulation is essential for maintaining an energy-efficient home

Flat roof design for new home

Source: Coastal Character by AHR Builders

Flat roofs

Flat roofs are typically used for more modern home designs. They usually have a slight pitch to allow for water run off. The most common roof materials for flat roofs are metal such as Colorbond, tried and tested in Australian conditions. Zinc, stainless steel, PVC (modified bitumen) are also popular choices.


Useful rooftop space for a terrace, garden.

Cheaper installation.


Might require box gutters for proper drainage.

More maintenance required for leaf debris.

skillion roof for new home

Source: Sunnyside by Langford Jones Homes

Skillion Roofs

Skillion roofs are a flat roof that is pitched on a noticeable angle. Commonly using streamlined materials such as metals, rather than tiles.


Minimal design 

Cheaper and easy to install.

The slope offers the best drainage for snowy and rainy areas.


Steep pitches reduce the ceiling area inside.

Sensitive to high winds. 

Butterfly Roof example

Source: Dwell - La Cabañita by Paz Arquitectura

Butterfly Roof

Butterfly roofs consist of 2 skillion roofs with a box gutter down the centre.  


Suitable for most climatic conditions.


More expensive design and installation.

Published: 04/11/2020
Author: Ramya Rao
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