Plan To Increase Land and Housing Supply In Victoria

  • Article by: Sally Wood

The Minister for Planning has now approved the Victorian Planning Authority Business Plan for 2021-2022, paving the way for the VPA to support Victoria’s economic recovery over the coming years.

The Plan will allow VPA to complete their work on the Fast Track program and lead a pipeline of planning projects that will increase land and housing supply in metro Melbourne and regional areas.

Fast Track Program set for Completion

Victorian Planning Authority has devoted their time and energy over the past eighteen months to delivering the Fast Track program, designed to support economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program, created in partnership with the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning (DELWP), included an accelerated work program intended to unlock almost $19 billion in estimated economic value by mid-2021.

Since September 2020, the VPA have accelerated projects through the planning and development pipeline to permit and shovel ready stages. Through this work, a pipeline of development for industry and future jobs and homes for Victorians has been created.

Projects on the Fast Track program receive additional resources, effort and priority from the VPA and across government. Through this collaborative effort, VPA are contributing to the creation of complete, well-designed communities. Projects may also have access to a streamlined pathway, with tailored engagement processes and the opportunity to utilise the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee (SAC).

“Great strides have been made in delivering the VPA’s Fast Track Program and we’ve made significant headway in developing and applying frameworks for ensuring and building productive partnerships,” said Stuart Moseley, Chief Executive Officer of VPA. “Over the course of 2021/22, we will resource and prioritise workload to complete the Fast Track Program, while also positioning the VPA to help build Victoria’s economic recovery over the coming years.”

landscape of growth corridor

Highlights of the Business Plan

Multiple other programs and projects are highlighted in the 2021-2022 Business Plan, showcasing the depth of work planned by VPA in the coming year.

“We will also concentrate on improving the efficiency, innovation and implementation of our structure planning, including doing density well, planning for suburban and regional jobs, infrastructure coordination, and unlocking urban growth in the regions,” said Mr Moseley.

The Melbourne Growth Corridors program aims to deliver 50,000 lots and 50,000 jobs. The objective of the program is to maintain a fifteen-year supply of homes for Victorians. VPA have already begun work on the program, elevating the priority of five Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) across metropolitan Melbourne, including Sunbury, Werribee, Officer South, and Casey Fields.

Within the inner city, VPA are supporting redevelopment in areas such as Arden and Preston to plan for continued growth in these established neighbourhoods.

In regional Victoria, VPA will prioritise the completion of projects in Wonthaggi and Bannockburn. Additionally, work will be undertaken to identify a pipeline of projects to help meet emerging land supply shortages in some regional cities and peri-urban towns.

Finally, VPA will continue the Streamlining for Growth program, including 22 grants to councils to unlock local growth.

Published: 26/11/2021
Author: Sally Wood