New Home Build: Pre Build Process

  • Article by: Samara Amadi

Choosing your new home can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming considering all the options available.

Our best advice is to leave plenty of time so you don't have to rush any decisions for your new home.
Make sure you factor in around 3-4 months for the pre-build process, allowing extra time to compare builders beforehand.

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Here's what to expect before your build commences:

1. Initial Meeting with builders

View home designs and plans and make a shortlist of 3-4 builders to visit. Run through the design options available with each builder, their standard inclusions and upgrades. Ask about any design changes required and get a feel for the builders quality of service, their commitment and values. Often prices you see advertised are not the complete build price, keep in mind there will be extra costs on top of the base rate.

2. Builder develops a preliminary quote based on your selected home design or plans

Look at the selected home design in detail, talk through the inclusion list and decide what's on your must-have list so you can give the same list to all builders. Find out about the builders warranty period and check into the builders past work.
At this stage you may be presented with a preliminary quote on the selected home design that may include an allowance for site costs and upgrades. Further costs are often added on later once the site costs, facade and interior selections have been finalised.

3. Finalise plans, engineer & soil reports

Once you've chosen your home design and floorplan you will need to provide your builder with a copy of your land contract including the Section 32. You may also need to supply a copy of your finance pre-approval.
An initial deposit may be required at this stage. If soil reports have not been conducted, they will be arranged at this stage in order to confirm building costs and determine if further engineering is required.

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4. Make selections for your new home. Choose tiles, floor coverings, paint colours

The builder will be able to work with you to personalise your home while meeting the design guidelines of your land estate.

5. Receive Tender

Once you have selected your style and finishes, you will be presented with a builders quote or tender that details all building costs including façade, finishes, soil, survey and preliminary engineering costs.


6. Sign contract

Your builder will prepare a New Home Building Contract including working drawings. Check your contract carefully. Everything you have decided on, including verbal agreements with sales consultants, must be in writing.
The balance of the deposit payment will now be due.

7. Permits & Approvals

For any new home build, the council needs to approve the plans with a permit. Depending on the council and your type of block title, an approval may be needed from the planning department prior to the application being accepted for a building permit. If this is the case, a planning application will be submitted prior to the preparation of contract documents.

Once they have been approved, they will submit an application for building permits and finalise the drawings.

Your financial institution will also need to provide written confirmation to your builder that funds are in place for progress payments.

8. You're ready to start building! Construction commences.

Published: 11/02/2021
Author: Samara Amadi