Landscaping Tips for Small Gardens

  • Article by: Sally Writes @ Everlast Services

Landscaping Tips for Small Gardens

Is there anything better than spending time in the great outdoors? Look no further than your own backyard! Getting stuck into your own landscaping can be a creative and fun way to enjoy it – even if you have a small backyard.

When it comes to landscaping, there are so many styles and materials to choose from to create your own garden paradise. Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to do, particularly if you don’t have much DIY experience.

Never fear. We’ve put together some of our best new ideas for landscaping in small backyards to kick you into gear. Try these for yourself for a ripping time outside (and an amazing finish).

Create a garden feature

If your backyard is small, a feature item will create a great focal point to draw attention away from the size. Water fountains, large vases and ornaments, or even a tiny raised pergola can work perfectly. Place it anywhere you like, but don’t afraid to be bold. A wheelbarrow planting box or adorned ladder can add a bit of fun to your space. 

Cover it up

Turn your small space into a private sanctuary by making it an intimate place to spend time in. Cosy up the place with garden screens such as bamboo or aluminium slats around the edges. Consider adding your favourite plants around the sides, and even a little rock garden or patch of sand to instantly convert your garden into a calming retreat. 

Add multiple levels

A secret trick that’s great for landscaping for small backyards is creating several levels to work with. You can do this with decking or raised planting boxes, for example. Shelving is also ideal for the same effect. It also opens up new space – you can throw in a day bed and some greenery on the bottom floor, and add colourful plants and a herb garden on top. Genius!

Use arts and crafts


If you ever needed an excuse to get creative, this is it. Creating your own ornaments and turning everyday objects into garden decorations can make your small space unique. Think mugs, garden gnomes, fairy lights, vines and wooden boxes. The only limit is your imagination, and there are no rules. Don’t do it for the market price – do it for you, and have some fun!

Choose a colour palette

Give your small backyard a colour theme by choosing colours to match your personality or home décor. Complementary colours such as yellow and purple stand out, or monochromatic (similar colours together) like various shades of blue can be fun to play with, particularly in your garden beds. Add plants and decorate to match, and you’ll be wowing guests with your boutique garden in no time.

Landscaping for small backyards can be a lot of fun. Even with the tiniest space, you can follow the tips above to turn your nook into a feature worth sharing with guests.

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Published: 24/08/2020
Author: Sally Writes
Company: Everlast Services