Knowing the style you are most inspired by will help you select your perfect home design for years to come.

  • Article by: Samara Amadi

The exterior or facade of your home is what gives your home it's street presence and sets the tone for the interior style inside your home.

While the design and plan of your home is very important, the facade is the first impression of your home for your family & guests. We have categorised our new home designs into styles which make it easy for you to search for your preferred look.

Below is a brief of each exterior style which are on trend in 2019. 

Zaala modern facade

Modern Home Designs

Breaking away from traditional aesthetics to create home designs that go beyond standard ideas. 
Characteristics: Flat roof, box design

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Hamptons facade

Hamptons Home Designs

Taking influences from the upmarket seaside area on New York's Long Island, Hampton's in a blend of coastal and traditional.

Characteristics: Weatherboard exterior, neutral colour palette, plantation shutters.

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Contemporary facade

Contemporary Home Designs

The style which is most widely seen right now. 
Characteristics: Pitched roof, Modern windows. Mix of shapes & materials.

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New French Provincial facade

New French Provincial Home Designs

Inspired by rural French homes with all the modern floor plan additions. 
Characteristics: Balanced, symmetrical proportions, steep roof

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coastal design

Coastal Home Designs

Part of the modern architecture movement with bold roof designs & an artistic exterior feel. 
Characteristics: Angular roof, Modern materials & windows, Lighter colours

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neo classical

Neo Classical Home Designs

Inspired by the architectural traditions of Ancient Greece & Rome creating an elegant, romantic feel. 
Characteristics: Symmetrical design, Feature moldings, columns and/or arches

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brick veneer sjd homes

Brick Veneer Home Designs

The 1960's saw the establishment of a standard 'brick veneer house' - a relatively modest style, however effective and built on a relatively small budget. Brick veneer homes allow for standardized construction and therefore still remain popular to this day. In recent years bricks are making a comeback in a big way and there is a large selection of brick colours and sizes now available to choose from. 

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Published: 13/08/2020
Author: Samara Amadi