How To Protect Your Property From Pests When You Buy A New Home

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The last thing you need after either investing in real estate or buying a new home is to find that it is infested with pests. Investing in real estate is quite common and is done for many reasons; one of them is to get a better return on investment. New homeowners who might have chosen a property with a big backyard, pool, and plenty of space in the house do not want it destroyed by pests. Neither do the people investing in a property for commercial gain. Thus, one of the many factors to consider when property-hunting is the inspection of the property for pests and bugs.

It is highly advisable to seek commercial pest control. A typical inspection by a real estate agent may disclose cracks in the walls or issues with the foundation, which is something you can repair in the future. However, it might not reveal whether or not a house is infected by pests hiding in cracks, corners, and hard to see places. Here are some of the potential issues a simple pest inspection can reveal and how a professional pest control service can get rid of the pest problem on your property.

Protect your Investment with Effective Pest Inspection

Many types of pests can potentially infect your property. Here is a brief list of them:

Termites: Termites are known to live in colonies and close to a food source. Their primary source of food is wood; hence they are usually found underground, far from sight. It requires the expertise of the professionals to detect such an infestation since they can also be in the ceiling, joints on the floor, and the walls of your foundation.

Rats & Mice: Rats & mice also infect real estate’s, but this may not be evident during the day when you inspect a property. They are nocturnal animals, and some of the common signs include disturbance of places with food storage and food lying around. They tend to hide in the attic, under concrete porches, voids in a wall, and will generally remain out of sight. One of the other issues being that they multiply very fast. It takes the eye of an expert to detect any presence of this type of rodent.

Bed Bugs: Bed Bugs multiply fast and are usually found in warm places in cracks of furniture and walls. This type of pest feeds on the blood of humans and pets as well and is not easy to spot. An inspection by a professional pest control service will make such infestations evident.

Birds: Birds can also cause a big nuisance in your house, but are easier to spot. Some of the main issues with a bird called “Myna” and also referred to as the ‘flying rat’ are their feeding habit, method of breeding, and danger of the spread of diseases. It is vital to eradicate such birds from your property. The professionals can help with bird control in Sydney.

Seeking help from Professional Pest Control service for your property

It is highly beneficial to rely on a professional pest control service to get rid of the pests on your property. They are swift, effective, and highly focused on removing many kinds of pests from your house. They have highly trained technicians with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle all types of pests and limit the amount of damage they can cause to your property. The added advantage of seeking the help of professionals is that they implement eco-friendly solutions, are fast, possess necessary licenses. Besides which they are also insured and offer a free home inspection.

Published: 11/08/2020