How to Choose the Right Driveway Material for Your New Home

  • Article by: Sally Wood


As well as serving a functional purpose, choosing the right material for your driveway can tie your home together and act as the perfect finishing touch. Different driveway materials serve different purposes and suit different styles.



Concrete is an extremely popular driveway option because of its durability and affordability. One of the downsides of concrete is that it can be boring and unattractive; however, stencilled, stamped and coloured concrete options can be a stylish addition that complements your home. Keep in mind that run-off from concrete means you should take drainage into consideration.


Exposed Aggregate

The textured look of exposed aggregate can be visually appealing and, like concrete, is extremely durable and affordable but, similarly, doesn’t allow drainage. Exposed aggregate can create a very professional and stylish look, and can be seamlessly incorporated into practically any environment. 



While the cost of pavers is generally less than concrete, the labour required to lay them can quickly drive up the price of a paved driveway. Another downside of pavers is that, while the cracks allow for better drainage, they also allow weeds and tree roots to grow. However, the sophistication pavers can add to your home is unrivalled, and the choices are endless when it comes to the type of pavers and the pattern they create. The cost to repair pavers down the track is also relatively low, as only individual pavers will need to be replaced.

Published: 17/07/2020
Author: Sally Wood