How Long Does It Take to Build a New Home

  • Article by: Sally Wood

About to embark on your building journey and wondering how long of a wait you could be in for?

Let’s take a look at how long it takes to build a new home

How Long Does It Take to Build a New Home

It’s no secret that building a new home is a mammoth job, which is why we typically leave it up to the experts.

Building times vary from builder to builder, it's important to always clarify early with your builder and make sure the build time your expecting is what's listed in your contract.

For a single storey house build it typically takes anywhere between 5-7 months, and for a double storey you should expect between 7-9 months from site start to handover. However, custom builds can take longer. 

You’ll also need to consider a few more important factors which can impact your build time. 

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Source: Stroud Homes

Factors Affecting Build Times

Build Wait Times

Depending on the builder they may have a wait period of a few weeks or a few months, some even up to 6 months, between the time the contract is signed to your build start. This might work for you if your land isn't titled yet, but if you need to get started sooner it could have a big impact. 

Waiting for Land Titling

You can engage a builder while you are waiting for your land to title. They can take you through the pre-build process and prepare all the necessary documents and approvals before your land is titled so you don't have long delays once your land is ready. In terms of the land itself, a heavily slopped block, unstable soil, or debris that needs to be cleared can all add site delays before your build can beign.

Design of the Home

This probably goes without saying, but a larger two storey home is going to take longer to build than a smaller single storey home. Additionally, if you’ve selected a standard design with very few adjustments, your house should go up quicker than if it is a unique one-of-a-kind build.  When looking at a more unique or extravagant design, you won’t be afforded the same predictability or economy of sale by your builder, so you can expect a longer build time.

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External Factors

Unfortunately, some factors lay outside your control when it comes to building a home as quickly as possible. A major cause of delay in the building process is often the weather. Heavy rain or high temperatures may mean construction ceases on site.

Change of Mind

This one does fall back on you. Be aware that changing your mind about any aspect of your new home after you have signed your contract or late in the building process, can cause delays and push out your completion date.

Published: 17/04/2021
Author: Sally Wood