Functional Laundry Designs You'll Love

  • Article by: Sally Wood

A laundry is the room in the house that typically gets the least attention from guests. That means this room’s main objective is functionality.

Here are some functional laundry design ideas that will help keep you on top of your washing and housework!

Location, Location, Location

Try to position your laundry so that it has a door to outside. This way it can double as a mudroom on rainy days. This simple tip will help you avoid unnecessary mopping after mud tracked shoes.

laundry design with door to outside

Source: Home Group

Choose Appliances Based on Your Lifestyle

When deciding which appliances to keep in your laundry, consider the lifestyle of your household. If you work long hours and are often time pressed, leaving space for a dryer might be important.

If you have a large family with clothes that constantly need washing, perhaps having two washing machines will prevent dirty clothes piling up.

Leave space in your laundry layout to allow for the necessary appliances!

European laundry with lots of cupboards

Source: Beachwood Homes

Be Smart with Storage

Make sure you take advantage of your laundry as an excellent storage space. For example, having ample cupboard space makes the laundry the perfect place to keep spare bedsheets and towels. Ensure you are leaving room for plenty of drawers and cupboards.

If the storage space comes at the expense of bench space, consider installing benchtop space in the style of a pull-out drawer. When you’re done using it to fold your clothes, you can simply push it back in so it’s out of the way.

laundry with hanging rail
Source: Arli Homes

Natural Light and Ventilation

If you install hanging racks in your overhead space, it’s important to have plenty of natural light and ventilation in the room. Without it, clothes won’t dry as quickly.

Having a sunlit room that dries clothes fast so you can put them away before hanging a fresh load of washing is an important part of a functional design.

Published: 07/10/2021
Author: Sally Wood