Finding the cheapest price to build new home

  • Article by: Samara Amadi @ homeshelf
We've all seen advertised cost to build prices for new home builds that appear to be dramatically lower than the rest. But how do they do it?⁣

All builders have to factor in a base build price, site costs and inclusions into their complete build pricing.⁣

But builders use different methods to distribute these costs. For example, some builders may offer a 'cheap' base price initially, but add costs later for upgrades and site costs, while others start with offering a 'higher' price, with popular upgrades and fixed site costs already factored in, and very little upgrades are needed later on. ⁣

You have to do your homework and check the builders standard inclusions, site costs, plus the upgrade costs on all the items you need. Make sure it's all clear in writing before you hand over any money or sign.⁣

Some builders may leave out costs initially for the main flooring, alfresco tiling, driveway, or airconditioning from their base pricing. This suits some people that might want to do some of these things themselves after handover. ⁣

While other items like higher ceilings, floor to ceiling tiles, stone benchtops, overhead cupboards or pot drawers may or may not be important to you. ⁣

Make sure you have your full 'wish' list written down and ask for the same list from each builder to compare apple's to apple's.
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Published: 22/04/2021
Author: Samara Amadi
Company: homeshelf