Customisable Plans: Everything You Need To Know

  • Article by: Sally Wood

Thinking about building a customised home?

Customisable plans are the perfect way to add touches of your personality and style to your build, without blowing the budget on a fully architecturally designed home. If you’re looking for a home that is made just for you and your family, you need to consider a builder who offers customisable plans.

Customisable Plans vs. Standard Designs

What’s the difference between a customised home and a standard design? Both customisable plans and standard home designs result in beautiful and functional homes, and the right choice for you will depend on your individual needs, taste and budget.

Standard designs are the pre-designed plans that builders will work with. Most builders will offer a range of designs to suit a variety of land sizes, from compact single-storey homes to large family homes. These standard designs will commonly be suitable for specific lot sizes, and landowners will need to consider the suitability of their land for the design, taking into consideration any slopes, window placement, easements, and other requirements.

Customisable plans use these standard designs as the starting point, but the builder is open to customising your dream home so that it better suits your needs. If you have an unusually shaped block, a challenging location, or you just want some tweaks made to an existing design to accommodate your family's lifestyle, a customised build is perfect for you. Customisable plans give you the freedom to make your own choices about your dream home and take advantage of your unique land: maximising space, getting the best orientation and working with the site.

customising your home

How do Customisable Plans Work?

You may think that you need to hire a draftsman or architect to achieve a custom home design, but many builders will be able to work with you to customise their existing plans. They will have a drafting team in-house who can work closely with you to understand your requirements, and what is going to make your home special.

There will typically be an additional design fee for this extra work. However, unlike some builders who will charge you for every change and addition to your home, builders who offer customisable plans will ensure that you remain in budget as you customise your design. Many changes can be made without the need for extra charges.

Who Can You Work with to Create Your Customised Home?


Logo Varaich Homes

Varaich Homes
Build areas: Melbourne - all areas, Geelong

Varaich Homes is a premium custom home builder that specialises in creating unique homes for their clients. This family-owned business takes a different approach, encouraging home builders to make changes so that the layout and functionality of their new home suits their needs. Their priority is to make the most of your budget to create the best possible home.

H&L Victoria
Build areas: Melbourne estate areas, Geelong, Ballarat

H&L Victoria has over twenty years of experience in creating beautiful and functional homes for Victorians. They offer a custom design service that is tailored to provide better designs for people with challenging blocks of land who can’t find a house plan to suit them. Their team guide you through the process of creating a home design.

Omnia Homes
Build areas: Melbourne West, Melbourne North, Geelong

Omnia Homes pride themselves on offering exceptional customer service. They spend time with all their new home builders to understand their needs and create a home that is perfect for them. Their customisation service allows you to create a contemporary design to suit your lifestyle, with fixed price contracts so that you’re never caught out by unexpected fees.

Published: 10/06/2022
Author: Sally Wood