COVID-19 Restrictions Eased for Victoria's Building and Construction Industry

  • Article by: Sally Wood


The Victorian Government’s latest announcement regarding Victoria’s Roadmap to Reopening means the end of significant restrictions on the building and construction industry.

For months, domestic building work, home installations, renovation work, meeting clients and display home viewings have all been under restricted under the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 safety plan.

The recently announced changes are welcome news for Victoria’s builders and homeowners alike. Stalled residential construction projects can get moving again, with some lucky homeowners likely to move into their dream home this side of Christmas.

We’ve put together an overview of all the recent changes, and exactly what they mean for Victoria’s building and construction industry.

The Announcements

Victoria Premier Dan Andrews first announced small changes to restrictions on residential building works on 18 October, which came into effect from the following day. This first round of changes enabled non-essential outdoor home maintenance to take place, with up to five workers on any one site.

A week later, on 26 October, further significant changes to the COVID-19 restrictions were announced, which moved Victoria into the much anticipated ‘Third Step’ of the COVID-19 Roadmap for Reopening.

What Are The Changes?

The Workplace (Additional Obligations) Directions have been nullified for the building and construction industry. This means concepts such as small-scale and large-scale construction are no longer relevant.

Worker permits are no longer required for those residing and working in metropolitan Melbourne. However, those travelling between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria for work will still require a permitted worker permit.

The policy of not leaving home to work unless it is not reasonably practicable to work from home remains in place. However, this still allows for many opportunities to return to site for work.

Here are some of the key changes that have been made and are now in effect:

  • Moving home is allowed
  • Selling and inspecting property is allowed
  • Auctions can be held outdoors with up to 10 people plus those required to conduct the auction
  • Worksites are now permitted work premises, including:
    • Display homes
    • Colour and product selection centres
    • Offices for client visits
  • There are no longer restrictions on the number of workers who may work on a site so long as there is compliance with the density quotient
  • There are no longer restrictions on the number of sites that workers may attend although movement between sites should still be minimised
  • The concept of a specialist contractors has been abolished

How To Keep Workplaces Safe Under These Relaxed Rules

Whilst it’s exciting for the building and construction industry that restrictions are easing, there are still precautions that need to be taken. All construction sites must have:

  • Face coverings for all workers
  • A COVIDSafe Plan in place and adhered to
  • Record keeping processes for all workers and visitors who attend a work site
  • Compliance with the density quotient
  • Signage about the density quotient for areas accessible to the public
  • Ongoing cleaning requirements

With the building and construction industry in Victoria beginning to pick up pace once again, it’s a great time to commence a new build or renovation of your own.

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Published: 30/10/2020
Author: Sally Wood