Building to Your Own Plans - Custom Builders Melbourne

  • Article by: Sally Wood

Having the freedom to bring your own professionally drafted designs to a trusted builder offers many benefits. For one, it allows you to construct an exclusive home specifically tailored to your needs and desires. You can also employ the expertise of a trusted architect or draftsperson who you may have an established relationship with.

At Homeshelf, we recommend engaging your custom builder early on in the drafting process. This way, your builder is able to liaise with your architect or drafter to ensure a feasible build budget and practical home design.

Having your advisory team on board early can also allow you to iron out any kinks in the plan as soon as they arise. From DA approval to material sourcing or logistical hurdles, your builder and design team can devise the optimised approach to actualise your home vision.

Most larger builders won’t build to your own plans if you’ve had some drawn up already. 

Smaller builders that offer custom builds will often specialise in certain areas, which can work in your favour, along with local trades and a good knowledge of the area. 

Custom Builders in Melbourne

To give you a leg up in your hunt for a quality BYO plan custom builder, we’ve shortlisted our top picks below. 

fench provincial custom build

Varaich Homes

Varaich Homes operates right across Melbourne and is a big believer in offering flexible custom home designs to adapt your dream home.

Variach is a specialist in knock down rebuilds, customising standard designs in just about any way, BYO plans, or even development builds off your own plans.

duplex custom build bertsan homes

Berstan Homes

Berstan Homes is a quality custom builder that’s been bringing homes to life in Melbourne’s East & North East for over 30 years. The family owned company specialises in custom homes and developments.

Berstan provides an exceptional standard of customer focus unique to smaller builders. You’ll receive the dedicated attention of one of Berstan’s business owners throughout your entire process, from conception to completion. 

coastal build custom home

AHR Builders

AHR Builders is an experienced custom builder constructing in Melbourne’s South East, and the Mornington & Bass Coast. The building company are renowned for their work in customising design plans to suit challenging blocks. 

What sets AHR Builders apart is its commitment to delivering builds that many volume builders refuse. AHR specialises in working with your own plans, or they’ll even guide you through the custom design process if you’re new to the concept. 

The right builder for you may have a strength in development builds, sloping blocks, acreages, coastal builds, or modern designs. Contact homeshelf to find builders in your area suited to your unique requirements.

Published: 07/10/2021
Author: Sally Wood