A Beginners Guide to Buying Land

  • Article by: Sally Wood

When you’re buying land for the first time, it’s important to know the key factors to consider when choosing the right block for your new build. The size and location of the block will determine the type of home design you can choose and will dramatically affect the final look and feel of your house.

We take a look at the six key considerations when you’re a beginner buying land.

Is the land suitable for building on?

Blocks of land are zoned by the local council, and the zoning of the block determines its purpose. Most people buying land will purchase a block in a new residential area. However, if you are buying land in an already established neighbourhood, you need to check the zoning with the council before making any decisions.

Also consider the state of the land. Does it have a wide frontage? Or is it a narrow block? Does it slope? Will your block may require clearing and levelling before building can commence?

preparing land to build new house

Do you have access to the right services?

Before you start building, make sure that your block is connected to essential services like water, power and sewerage. Don’t purchase land without a clear indication of when these connections will be made, or how to arrange this if you need to do so yourself.

Does your land suit your home design?

Your home design will be guided by your block of land, but if you have any specific houses in mind, you may want to consider buying a block to suit your ideal home. Large homes obviously won’t fit on smaller blocks, and it may make more sense to gain space by adding a second storey. Additionally, some home designs will better suit a narrow block, while others require wide frontage.

Sometimes there are special covenants or developer guidelines that prevent certain styles or types of homes being built in a specific area. Check these first before committing.

choosing a block of land

What is your block’s orientation?

The orientation of your block will determine the amount of natural light that enters your home. This is more than just aesthetics – the amount of light you get from the sun will affect your home’s energy rating, as well as your heating and cooling bills. Checking your block’s orientation before building will ensure you make the most of your natural light.

Is your land close to the amenities you will need?

A newly available block might seem tempting, but if it isn’t close to any amenities then it might not suit your lifestyle. Check for shopping centres, public transport, schools, playgrounds, and other places of interest to you and your family. Also consider how long your commute to work will be and how long it will take you to travel to other locations.

What is the long term vision for the area?

When you buy a block of land as part of a new development, find out what the long term plan is for the area. This will give you a feel for the community that will develop around your new home, and the kind of amenities you may have access to in the future.

Published: 08/07/2021
Author: Sally Wood