5 Tips For A Narrow Block Home Design

  • Article by: Sally Wood


Narrow property blocks are becoming commonplace as more large blocks are transformed into subdivisions to lease or sell. But so long as you keep these crucial factors in mind when designing your home, you won’t have to sacrifice spaciousness or a garden to live in an enviable city location.

Open Plan

The key to making a narrow house feel roomy is an open plan living design. A kitchen, dining room, living room and alfresco that blend into one, wall-less, open area is the best way to get the most out of the space.

narrow block home design interior

Ample Light

To create the illusion of space, be sure to maximise the home’s natural light. Large windows, skylights and mirrors that sit opposite windows to bounce light back into a room are all perfect for preventing a cramped and uninviting feeling.

Bonus tip: Where possible, install north-facing windows to get the most natural light.

High Ceilings

High ceilings are another trick to give a tight space a sense of grandeur and volume. If you are building a double-storey house to accommodate more bedrooms, consider allowing for a void in the second storey to give maximum height to the ceilings and create an instant wow factor.

Garden Space

On a narrow block, it’s important to make the most of (even tiny) garden spaces. For example, if you line a narrow path down the side of your house with an ivy wall then install a window to reveal this extra greenery, you will instantly brighten up the house.

Bonus tip: Consider placing your front entrance on the side of the house to allow more room for a garden at the front.

Layout is Key

Knowing when to build up or which rooms to forgo helps ensure your narrow home does not become crowded or its rooms too small. For an idea of which layouts suit a narrow block best, take a look at some great narrow block plans.

Published: 03/11/2021
Author: Sally Wood