4 Ways to Prepare for Storage When Renovating

  • Article by: @ Kent Storage

Storage is a fantastic option for anyone renovating their home. It allows you to clean up your home and remove all the clutter, so your renovation team have a blank canvas to work with. Having a portion of your belongings in storage will also make setting up your house easier.  

We’ve compiled these tips to help you store your belongings effectively so you can focus on completing your dream renovation.  

1. Contact Your Storage Provider

Before you move everything in make sure you’ve contacted your storage provider to confirm the volume of your storage and the specifics of the storage facility. You don’t want to turn up and find the space is too small for your belongings, or they can’t accommodate your needs. You also need to make sure that you have a clear understanding of how much the service will cost you to clearly establish a budget. 

2. Establish What Sort of Storage You’re Looking For? 

Traditional self storage may not be suitable for people that want their treasures looked after while renovating their home. Chain-cages and bricked-rooms with roller doors don’t provide the type of protection that your valuables deserve. Secure storage options offer a far more comprehensive service by giving you purpose-built facilities and additional services like professional packing, wrapping and sophisticated security systems that will keep your belongings safe around the clock. 

You also need to make sure that the facilities have the ability to cover your storage requirements. Is it big enough for your belongings? Can it store your vehicle or your boat? Does it provide you with a climate-controlled environment that will protect your fragile items? You need to make sure that these questions have been answered before you sign anything or hand over any money.

3. Pack for Storage

Packing for storage is a little bit different than packing for moving. You need to make sure that your treasures are packed in a way that will keep them safe and in perfect condition for when you need them again. This Ultimate ‘Packing for Storage’ Checklist will give you essential information needed to carry packing out safely. 

4. Don’t Rush

Packing effectively for storage and packing your storage unit takes time if you want to do it right. You also need to remember that it’s hard to create a reliable timeframe for how long it will take to complete the renovation. Settlements can get pushed back, so you need to make sure you give yourself flexible storage deadlines by giving yourself more than enough time. 


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Published: 24/08/2020
Company: Kent Storage